SKAI Abacus
Abacus in early childhood is the best foundation for success in school. It develops all necessary learning skills, through whole brain development process.

Arts, Music & Reading
Our activities will challenge and develop
your child’s creativity, imagination, thinking skills, and confidence level. Reading helps student develop good vocabulary and spelling skills.

Website design and coding
Our center provides many educational activities such as web program with HTML and CSS. Student who go through this program develop love for IT in future.

A Few Words About Our Center

Here in SKAI , we believe young children learn best through personal experiences and or activities they engage in. Our staff promotes a balanced curriculum of both child-initiated and teacher-initiated experiences. Our primary goal is to provide all-around academic proficiency or whole brain development of the child.

  • Learning by doing; children learn more when they part take in the lesson.
  • Learning by exploring; children learning more if they are able to discover or explore objects
  • Learning by playing; learning is fun if children play while learning.
  • Learning by experimenting; a simple but effective way of learning is by experimenting.
More About Us

Our center provides the following services

Abacus classes

Our ultra-modern learning center and teaching approach makes abacus look soo simple for each child.

Super reader

Reading labs specially customised for your child, with a one-on-one teacher-child experience.

Website and coding

coding and website design is one of our hallmark. We help your child do it with ease

Music and Arts

We have highly trained professionals who handle arts and music; providing the best way to champion this art.

Toys and Games

We have a wide range of toys and games to play and learn with.

Love,Care & Security

Our relation to the children is just like a mother and child experience; Every child is loved equally.

We are SKAI

We have range of study materials and IT gadgets for sale.
Abacus books, Abacus, SKAI T-Shirts, bags and files.
Kids Reading books of all levels, arts colors and carvas, etcs

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